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About Us

Luisa Trujillo 

After several years of studies and travels, Luisa Trujillo landed in Switzerland to stay. Having gone through different migratory statuses, first as a student,  later as a freshly wed woman, and finally, as a migrant woman under family reunification, migration has proved to be challenging in all aspects of life: emotionally, psychologically and professionally.

Not enough is told and shared about the difficulties women have to face in this country, to find themselves suitable for a society and economy that presents all sorts of opportunities and challenges. 

NOSOTRAS was born as an initiative, a platform that tackles those challenges by providing migrant women with tools for self-empowerment, knowledge exchange, support, and community.

Women are in this together, by helping each other carry the weight of migration we become stronger and we prove to ourselves our value while we confidently contribute to the society we live in.